A Very Good Day



  • Rise & shine at a very reasonable 8:30 (for the kid who claims to want to sleep in until noon) and no fussing over his morning shower
  • Bagels at Bruegger’s; reading Lego Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary and Parents magazine (I’ll let you guess who was reading what)
  • Visit to the Squirrel Hill library


  • Trip to Target; lots of excitement over new Lego Star Wars sets. Plus, I worked up enough courage to allow DJ to stay in the Toys dept. for a couple of minutes on his own while I did some grocery shopping
  • No complaints from DJ about his reduced screen time, and he even put WWE 12 on mute while I was trying to do some work!
  • First time that I’ve seen DJ drink more than one glass of water in a day thanks to his new water bottle–why do things always taste better to kids when it comes in a bottle?


  • Yummy dinner of lemon chicken, fried red cabbage, and rice (DJ still had his regular Kraft Mac & Cheese, but at least he tried the chicken & didn’t say anything looked gross which was a nice improvement)
  • Fireman’s Fair in Castle Shannon with Uncle N & the cousins–one of the summertime rituals of my adolescence that I was excited to share with DJ for the first time. Rides, games, Slurpees, & funnel cake…what’s not to love? Really wish that I had some pics to share, but guess who HATES getting his picture taken 😦
  • Started the 2nd Diary of a Wimpy Kid book for story time
  • DJ falling asleep to his book-on-CD, Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer
  • Laying in bed writing this post and listening to John watch Arrested Development

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  1. Consider investing in a pair of noise canceling headphones. You can still hear what is happening around you, DJ asking for your attention, dogs barking, etc., but somehow they magically bring everything down to a far more tolerable volume. My former boss used to wear his in his office which was right off a lab. True, he looked a little silly sometimes they work. I am a true convert! It sounds like it’s been a great summer!

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