Decorating DJ’s Room


Someone pointed out the other day that getting ready for DJ is a bit like trying to compress nine months into a couple of weeks, and I wholeheartedly agree.

There have been so many things to do and to think about that life has felt a bit surreal. After fourteen years of it just being John and me, we will become a family of three!

But despite the years of waiting and preparing leading up to all of this, I’ve been in a constant state of feeling overwhelmed and unprepared ever since we found out that we were chosen to be DJ’s forever family. At the same time though, I’ve also been horribly impatient for him to be here.

One of our biggest projects has been transforming our former office/dogs room into a bedroom for a boy who is not quite a tween but not a little boy either.

My ever-industrious husband had a whole list of to-do’s before we could even start painting or buying furniture. He updated the outlets, added a ceiling fan, patched up the walls, fixed the windows, and refinished the floor. Meanwhile, I had the much easier tasks of searching Pinterest for decorating & furniture ideas and coming up with a color pallet for the room.

Decorating my child’s room has been a dream of mine for a long time. While part of me was a little disappointed that we wouldn’t be starting off with a nursery, I can honestly say that decorating DJ’s room has truly been a labor of love. I’m not normally much of a shopper, but I loved looking for things for DJ’s room. Here are some of my favorites:

Of course, once we finally started the painting, the city experienced a rather unusual heatwave, even for late May. The up-side was that we had a lot of time to listen to Pittsburgh Pirates baseball on the radio. (Normally, listening to the Pirates wouldn’t be very enjoyable, but they’re doing pretty well so far this season so we’re determined to enjoy it while it lasts. Let’s go Bucs!)

Here are some pics of our progress…we finished all of the painting this weekend and my awesome brother & sis-in-law installed the curtains (that my sis-in-law made herself!) on Monday.

So that’s all for now. Folks will have to wait for the big reveal since we’re not quite there yet. In the meantime, we’re keeping busy making our travel plans out west, finishing up the room, and making a big list of all of the great things that we’re going to do with DJ this summer.


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  1. I was thinking about how quickly we would have to get rooms ready just the other day. My mother in law asked to see what we have done to get the kids rooms ready and I laughed. How can you get a room ready when you don’t know their age/gender/likes/dislikes? It looks likes you are doing really well with everything and I LOVE what you have found for DJ’s room!

    • @Katie Thanks for the comment! We had the same exact issue as foster parents. Basically, we had a room with a bed (a futon) and a dresser that could be used on very short notice.

  2. Margaret I can’t wait to see the whole room and thank you again for sharing…it’s so fun to (in a small way) share the experience with you. Very excited for you three!

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