Welcome to MargaretAdopts!


On March 13, my husband (John) and I were selected to become the parents of 9-year-old DJ. Ever since, we’ve been on cloud nine. This is almost the end of a very long, exciting, and difficult process to adopt our first child.

Now that the euphoria has started to abate just a little, I find that I have about a gazillion questions ranging from how to decorate his room to how much should we be saving for college every month.

Lucky for me, I have a whole host of friends & family–some with children, some without–who have foolishly offered to help me on this wild & wacky path called parenthood. But how to  harness all of that collective knowledge? Well, a blog, of course! Thus begins what I’m tentatively calling MargaretAdopts to journal my transition into being a new mom and to gather the collective wisdom of friends–new and old.

My plan is to post a wide variety of questions and observations about parenting and then sit back and let the advice pour in! Hopefully this will be a place where folks can post their own experiences and questions, too.


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  1. Here’s the best piece of advice I got before we became parents: Listen to whatever advice everyone has to give (and believe me, people are all too eager to tell you!!) and then filter it through your instincts and common sense and what fits you. Throw out whatever doesn’t make it through the filter. No matter how our children got to us, they are the ones God gave us to raise, and He gives us the instincts and wisdom to go with them.

  2. This is a super idea, Margaret! How wonderful that you’re open to hearing what thoughts and advice others have to offer–just one of the many things that will make you a fantastic mom to Dominick. –Tracy

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